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Agkiyamedia is a Digital Marketing Company in Patna Provides Digital Marketing Services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click services, Online Reputation Management, and Website Designing and Web Development. Our Digital Marketing Company in Patna Help Small Business and start-up to create their brands. Since our inception, we have helped over 50 business and their brand. Become a leader in your sector with best digital marketing Company in patna. Sit back and relax, while we at Agkiya Media take your brand to the next level.

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We at Agkiya Media convert your business into a brand through a recise Digital marketing strategy that sells..

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Rank your website on the top of Google SERP with the help of our SEO Expert.

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Engage your users with intuitive websites such as this to get more visitors and thus, a higher lead generation.

Get more visitors

Work with the best Social Media Marketing company in Patna and help us create a loyal fan base for you.

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We at Agkiya Media, Digital Marketing company in Patna believe that quality search engine marketing should be mostly customer-centric. This includes everything from site navigation and usability, title tags and meta, to making sure your images are well optimized and your site loads fast. We’ll discover any issues as part of our initial Technical SEO Audit, and, depending on your preferences, we can either implement the changes necessary or guide your team through the process with clear instructions and recommendations. SEO Services will put your website in the prominent pages of Google and other search engines.


Not every business can wait for organic SEO to work. Therefore, we offer a well researched, thoroughly maintained, and measurable results yielding PPC campaigns. We manage campaigns for your business in Google Adwords so that your Ads reach the highest number of audiences. When everybody promises to put your ad out there, Our Digital Marketing Agency in Patna is striving to make it sure that your ad doesn’t only pop-up but also gets clicks and converts. We use highly targeted PPCstrategies to make the right people with ideal demographics interact with you on Google. We either bid your ad on the sidebar and direct your potential customers on your landing page or show your ad on the timeline and solidify your social media presence .


How fast is your website? We test it by using the Google Page Speed Tester. You will see that you get a mobile and desktop score. Site Speed and Mobile-Friendliness go hand in hand now. Two factors determine the speed of your site: server speed and web page load time. The speed of the server where you host your website has a big effect on how quickly your web page loads. Shared hosting can be detrimental to your site because you share server resources with others. Your business impression is your website. A strong first impression can be the first step in a lifelong relationship. Our web development team specializes in Drupal, WordPress, HTML and Php and can help refresh your ageing site or build you a brand new one.


Firstly, social media helps you, hand-pick people, you want to target for your online marketing campaigns even with limited investment. Secondly, people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all the time. Therefore, Agkiya Media - Best Digital Marketing Company in Patna offer strategic social media marketing services that help you make a remarkable impact on your leads and bring them on-board for long-term relationships. In other words, we create content, manage ads, and harmonize your online presence to build brand authority, power-up your customer support, and make a community that is committed to you..


Our tried-and-true methodologies can help your business acquire more leads, nurture prospective customers, and bring people back to your website. Above all, email marketing helps you to connect with people who are really interested in buying from you only your product and help you build a strong foundation for your customer-friendly business. Therefore, we develop email marketing strategies, create customized Email copy, maintain progress, analyze results through tested tools, and improve your ROI..


A website with attractive and clear design, smooth navigation, and the excellent loading speed is all you need to convert your lead when you will land on your website. So, our web developers & designers help you achieve those goals in affordable packages. More than 70% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. 30% of them will go back and visit your competitor’s website if your website is not mobile-friendly. Our Digital Marketing Agency in Patna help you design your website with a unique style that loads and operates easily on all shapes and sizes of devices and convert your leads into customers while you sleep.

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What Makes Us Different from other Digital Marketing Company in Patna?


At Agkiya Media - Digital Marketing Agency in Patna we have managers for each team we have more than 50 Employees and every employee is Expert in their field. Our team work together to deliver effective marketing solutions for your business.


Our team makes weekly and monthly report about your project and show it to you how you are growing . We at Agkiya Media- Digital Marketing Company in Patna believe that Your success is our success and your satisfaction is our remuneration.


Our Digital Marketing Agency in Patna back our all services with our 100% money-back guarantee, which implies that if we are unable to deliver what we promised against our services then we will refund your money back, in direct proportions to the shortage in our keyword delivery as per our contract.

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Our team is always there to help you out at any moment and any Day! WE USE PAID TOOLS: We always use paid tools to get perfect and accurate results for your business like AHrefs, Grammarly Premium. Shutterstock and Yoast SEO.

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Digital Marketing Company in Patna That Offers Guaranteed Improvement

Who We Are Nothing more. Nothing less. Just Best digital marketing Company in Patna and hard work that puts you and your business on the top ! We represent a Digital Marketing company in Patna that has earned the title of being one of the best digital marketing agencies within one year of existence. We talk beyond existing to-do lists and develop a best digital marketing strategy which is suitable for your business and products, for your industry and your market.

WHAT WE DO Our proactive Project Management makes your life easier. We like to follow a process because we know our strategy is applied, tested and already proved. Working across the entire range from strategy and research through to design and traffic generation, we think deliberately about your business and your profit , working in partnership with you and asking lots of questions regarding your business. We want to know everything about you – your goals, your objectives, your dreams and your desires, your interest and most of all we want to understand your business and your customers. We think that your success is our success and your satisfaction is our remuneration.Digital Marketing in Patna

WHEN AND WHO STARTED THIS COMPANY: Divyanshu Sharan, CEO of Agkiya Media Pvt Ltd. played a leading and different role in defining the company strategy and using advanced and innovative technology continues to uphold its leadership in the IT industry. With more than five years of qualitative experience, having successfully executed some of the extremely challenging projects in the service industry, they are committed to leading the organization in total sync with high standards of honesty and responsibility. It is their confidence, conviction and enduring dedication that enforced the remarkable escalation of Agkiya Media, Digital Marketing Company in Patna from a two-person operation to an over 20+ employee’s organization. Today, with its active and powerful force, the company is a well-known name amongst the leading digital marketing company in Patna, helping customers ’ sites worldwide.

OUR VISION: Agkiya Media aspires to bring a technological and marketing revolution in the businesses globally. We aim to win your “TRUST”. Dedicated to providing well-organized services to our valuable customers in the field of Digital Marketing, we always attempt for your satisfaction and support.

HOW WE DO DIGITAL MARKETING: We are known as the best Digital Marketing Company in Patna. Agkiya Media offers advanced Digital marketing services to help you strategize your digital marketing services online. At Agkiya Media, we understand that for an online business to perform marketing does not end at delivering quality traffic, instead it stretches up to increasing conversion rate and rendering accurate result analysis. Our digital marketing services is to help you and find exactly the right audience. These are the people who are most likely to convert to paying customers today or in the future. We help you nurture this with positive interactions and content that engages them. You’ll receive reports to keep you informed on progress and help you understand exactly how your ideal customer behaves and thinks. Digital Marketing in Patna

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The guys at Agkiya Media have been very helpful in building my business. They implemented creative strategies to get me a higher revenue.

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We are extremely happy with the service Agkiya Media has provided us in building our website and online presence. Thank you!

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They are a great company to work with. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their website and Digital strategy in place.

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